QiSwap Learn

QiSwap is a DEX which runs on the Qtum blockchain.

QiSwap is a product built for the continuous growth and evolution of the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Our goal is to provide a fast, professional, and secure platform while offering low fees and higher Transactions Per Second. This will improve DEX user experience and increase liquidity as fees become negligible.

QiSwap, unlike its competitors, runs on the Qtum Blockchain, the decentralized blockchain platform that brings together the best of both worlds - the mature and secure UTXO model with the power of solidity-based smart contracts.

QiSwap uses Smart Contracts which are based on the Uniswap Contracts. These have been modified and adapted the work with the Qtum Blockchain. These fully audited contracts will be made open source shortly before MainNet launch.

QiSwap currently supports QiWallet which is available on the Google Chrome store

QiSwap currently depends on the Qtum blockchain confirmation times of 32 seconds / block, at ~70 Transactions per second which is much higher than Ethereum.

A future update of the Qtum Blockchain will speed up confirmation times by a large margin, 16s/block is a possibility and this will benefit QiSwap users directly.

QiSwap Learn aims to be the documentation hub for the QiSwap Exchange

Here you will find resources on how to get started and use the QiSwap exchange, links for recommended software and usage tips!