How to Claim the Pioneers I Airdrop

Here's how to claim the Pioneers I airdrop.

This airdrop was to benefit the Testnet users of until December 31st 2020, for this you will need the seed words from your Testnet wallet.

When you created your testnet wallet (only those which were used in QiSwap testnet before January 1st 2021 will qualify for the airdrop) you were greeted with a similar screenshot as below where you where asked to backup your seed words. As of the time of writing, there isn't a way to backup from QiWallet after logging in, the only resource would be to restore from a backup made at the time you created the wallet.

  1. These seedwords will also work for obtaining the Pioneers I airdrop, now what you need to do is switch to "MainNet" and click on "Create new wallet"

  1. While on MainNet, choose "Import Wallet" and select "Seed Phrase" type/paste in the seed words from the backup, and give it a name.

  1. After finishing, it should have created a mainnet address for you, if you were part of the Pioneers I Airdrop, you'll see your funds there !