How to send your QIAIR from other wallets to the QTUM Core Wallet

Qtum Core Wallet

Let's get the QTUM core wallet ready to receive the QIAIR tokens:

  1. Add the QIAIR token contract

  1. Remember to enable Log events, the QIAIR token has been added


Send QRC20 Tokens

To send QRC20 tokens you must have sufficient QTUM coins in the address tied to that token. The web wallet default fee for sending tokens is 0.00000040 gas price x 250,000 gas = 0.1 QTUM plus the default transaction fee of 0.01 QTUM, for a total fee of 0.11 QTUM. You can use these default values unless you understand how to set lower values, but don't worry, any excess gas will be refunded as a mined amount (the mined amount must mature for 500 blocks before it can be sent or used for gas/fees).

25. Send QRC20 Token EN

Mobile Wallet

  1. Locate the QIAIR token on the tokens list

  1. You'll now see your balance and transactions

  1. Make sure to enter the info below:
    • QIAIR address on Qtum Core
    • Total amount you want to send


  1. Open QiWallet, make sure to have some Qtum balance to pay for the tx fees

  1. Currently Qiwallet has a display bug, this is being worked on a fix currently.

  1. Choose QIAIR in the token dropdown list. Click on "max" to send the total amount. Paste your QIAIR token address from the Qtum Core wallet on "To"

  1. Click on send and the confirm the transaction

  1. Your Qtum Core wallet now has the QIAIR, you can proceed to SWAP now