How To Swap QIAIR for QI

Following up on the QIAIR airdrop, we have now received news from Slowmist and the Swap contract is secure and ready to go. This means that it’s time to begin swapping your QIAIR for QI!

There’s a few steps to be performed here but it’s not too complex:

Qtum Core Wallet

  1. Launch your Qtum Core wallet and go to QRC Tokens -> click on the ‘+’ sign to add a new token. Then, paste the QIAIR contract address which is 60f33e17d8d2dba280cf85b6c35880dedd8ed728 You can also verify this address here:

  2. Select the wallet address which contains some QTUM as you’ll need to pay for the gas fees for swapping the tokens

  3. Click on confirm, this will add the QIAIR token

  4. Next, we need to repeat these same steps for the QI token, only difference now is that we have to add the QI token contract address which is 54fefdb5b31164f66ddb68becd7bdd864cacd65b You can also verify it here:

Swapping QIAIR for QI

Time to swap the tokens, first, we'll need to approve the swap contract to transfer QIAIR. From the Qtum-QT wallet, do this:

  1. Go to Smart Contracts > Send To

  2. On the screen that shows up, go to contract address and paste 60f33e17d8d2dba280cf85b6c35880dedd8ed728 this is the QIAIR contract address

  3. Paste the QIAIR ABI in the ABI section, we've uploaded the ABI in text file for your convenience here:

  4. The "Function" section will show up now, select "approve" from the dropdown list

  5. Paste the swap contract address in "address spender" d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4

  6. In unint256 amount enter 100000000000000000000000000

  7. Last but not least, set the Sender Address to the address in your wallet that has the QIAIR you wish to swap for QI

  8. Send the transaction and wait for it to be mined (needs to have at least 1 confirmation on blockchain).

Now you're ready to Swap

  1. Clear contract Send to

  2. Paste the Swap contract in the contract address: d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4

  3. Paste the swap contract ABI you can copy from here:

  4. Make sure that "exchange" is selected in the function section

  5. Make sure that the sender contract address is the one holding QIAIR

  6. Send and wait for it to be mined, if everything went well, the QI will show up on your wallet and QIAIR will be sent to the contract

    You now have swapped your QIAIR for QI succesfully !


Qtum Core (Command Line)

You can also swap QIAIR for QI using the command line and it's actually easier and faster than doing it via GUI, here's how:

  1. Make sure to have QIAIR on your wallet

  2. Make sure to have QTUM on your wallet to pay for the tx and gas fees

  3. Perform contract authorization:

qtum-cli sendtocontract 60f33e17d8d2dba280cf85b6c35880dedd8ed728 095ea7b3000000000000000000000000d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac400000000000000000000000000000000000000000052B7D2DCC80CD2E4000000 0 250000 0.0000004 qiairwalletaddress

  1. Wait for the tx to be mined and then perform the SWAP:

    qtum-cli sendtocontract d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4 d2f7265a 0 250000 0.0000004 qiairwalletaddress

  2. The QI tokens will show on your wallet once the next block is mined.

Note: Remember to replace 'qiairwalletaddress' for the address which holds QIAIR on your wallet

Qtum Electrum

Swap your QIAIR for QI on Qtum Electrum

  1. Launch the Qtum Electrum wallet, you need to add the QIAIR and QI tokens on the "Tokens" tab, right-click and add the QIAIR Contract: 60f33e17d8d2dba280cf85b6c35880dedd8ed728 and the QI contract: 54fefdb5b31164f66ddb68becd7bdd864cacd65b - Make sure to select the wallet address that contains the QIAIR tokens

  1. Go to View -> Show Smart Contract

  1. Right click on the screen and then click on "Add Contract"

  1. Enter a contract name, we will name this one "approve" as it'll be the contract call to approve the swap Also, make sure to paste the QIAIR contract address: 60f33e17d8d2dba280cf85b6c35880dedd8ed728 and the approve ABI

  1. Now we've added the approve contract, time to send the approval request

  1. Right click on the contract and select "Function"

  1. Paste the QIAIR contract on "Address"
    • Select "approve" on "Function"
    • Paste the swap contract address and the uint values on "Parameters", make sure these are separated by a comma, just like this: "d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4", 100000000000000000000000000
    • Set the address holding QIAIR as "Sender"

  1. Click on "Send to". Then enter your password and click on "send"

  1. We've sent the contract call to approve the swap, please wait until the next block is confirmed before proceeding to swap

  1. Add the swap contract

  1. Enter the name as "swap" it can be any name you want, this is just for keeping track of the contracts
    • Enter the swap contract address on "Address" d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4
    • Paste the swap ABI

  1. Swap contract has been added, now, right click on the swap contract

  1. Enter the swap contract address on "Address" d23a0d0acbeb4b6f0f7c05c1c861625bccaaeac4
    • Select exchange in "Function"
    • Select the address holding QIAIR as "Sender"
    • Click on "Send To"

  1. Swap has now been performed and you have your QI on the wallet!