Install QiWallet on Google Chrome

For the first QiSwap Testnet, we will need to install QiWallet manually on Google Chrome. This won't be necessary when QiWallet is listed on the Chrome marketplace.

For the time being, let's follow these instructions to install QiWallet on Google Chrome and use it for the QiSwap Testnet.

  1. Install QiWallet from the Google Chrome marketplace or by clicking on "Download QiWallet here" on QiSwap website

  1. Make sure that the publisher is "QiSwap" and then Click on "Add To Chrome"

  1. QiWallet has been installed!

4. Go to and click on "Launch Swap"

  1. Now, click on "Install QiWallet". This will open a new window.

  1. Choose Testnet from the dropdown menu, enter your wallet name (any name will do) and click on "Create Wallet"

  1. Backup your seed words. Once you do, click on "I Copied it Somewhere Safe"

  1. QiWallet is now installed and configured. All we need now is some Qtum Testnet coins to start trading

  1. Click on the newly loaded QiWallet. You will get the above screen. Click on "Copy address" and then go to the Qtum Testnet Faucet

  1. Go to the Testnet Faucet at and paste your address. Then click on the "check" button

  1. The faucet has sent us 57 Qtum. We can now start swapping !

  1. Here we've swapped 10 Qtum for TETH. Which gave us 0.09066108 TETH

Happy Swapping!