List Custom Tokens on QiSwap

First, we'll start with creating the QRC20 token, we're using the openzeppelin ERC20 template for this.

  1. Create a dir called "token" and go inside of it

  2. Clone OpenZeppelin contracts from Github: git clone --branch v3.1.0 --single-branch

  3. Next, we create a basic token contract as such:

  4. Make changes as you wish. Supply, name, ticker, decimals are all options to change in the contract.

  5. Install solidity 0.6x (Optional, you can use )

  1. When finished, compile the contract using solc like this: solc --hashes --abi --bin --allow-paths openzeppelin-contracts --evm-version constantinople token.sol

  2. Copy the bytecode, look for it where it says "token.sol", or whatever name you've chosen for the token

  3. Here we can see it in the sample token "QSW.sol"

  1. Open Qtum-qt and paste the bytecode in "SmartContracts - Create"

  1. Click on "create contract"

  1. Contract has been created and deployed

  1. Contract is now confirmed and can be viewed in the block explorer

  1. Add your token to QiSwap. Click on the token dropdown menu and paste the contract address

  1. We can now see QSW available for Swapping

  1. Add the token to the wallet used to create the contract

  1. Send some funds from the contract wallet to your QiSwap wallet

  1. Authorize your token on QiWallet

  1. Add liquidity, the as you're the first liquidity provider, you will determine the initial swap price.

  1. Liquidity has been added and you can now swap your token for Qtum!. Add liquidity for other pairs to offer more options for traders.

Getting it listed

Even though you have added the token and provided liquidity, it hasn't actually been listed on the platform and will not be accessible to others unless they manually add your token contract which is sort of inconvenient.

Sending an email

Please send us an email to [email protected], include in the email:

  • Token name
  • Github Repo
  • Contract address

Once we review the token, we will add to QiSwap and announce it on our social channels.