QiSwap Airdrop Overview

QiSwap Airdrop for Qtum holders

Here's a quick overview of the QiSwap QIAIR token airdrop that will benefit Qtum holders:

  • Snapshot will take place on February 12th, on Qtum block height 793,284 ( Already took place, anyone who had tokens by that blockheight is now in the airdrop list)

  • Airdrop begins February 14th February 15th 2021 will run for two weeks, we will publish a SWAP contract to trade your QIAIR tokens for QI tokens which will hit the market. Any remaining QIAIR will be burnt.

  • Will benefit all Qtum holders (who hold their Qtum on a QRC20-capable wallet or at an exchange which supports the airdrop)

  • Roughly 98.5 Million QIAIR tokens will be airdropped to Qtum holders, these can later be swapped for the QI governance token

  • The QIAIR airdrop ratio is QTUM :1 QIAIR :1. This means that you'll get 1 QIAIR per every 1 QTUM you own.

  • The QI airdrop ratio is QTUM/QIAIR :2 QI :1. This means that you'll get 1 QI per every 2 QTUM/QIAIR you own.

  • Liquidity Providers also qualify for the Pioneers program and will receive 2 million Qi tokens. These will be airdropped to the Liquidity Providers on QiSwap during the Pioneers I and II program

QI and QIAIR Contract addresses

This is the QIAIR contract address:


This is the QI contract address: