Swap Tokens on QiSwap

Swapping tokens is quick and easy on QiSwap, the platform runs on the Qtum blockhain which allows users to benefit from low fees and fast transaction times. We have also put together a nice and clean interface to make life easier for our users.

First, we need to make sure to click on "Launch Swap"

Then we're greeted with this screen where we can swap tokens as we decide to.

For this tutorial, we'll swap tokens between "Test-1" and "Test-2" We input the amount to swap (10 Test-1). The platform automatically shows the total in "Test-2" as well as other details regarding the transaction.

After entering the balance and clicking on "Swap" we get a "Confirm Transaction" screen. We just need to verfiy the information and scroll down to click on "Confirm"

After clicking, we can see the Swap button turns gray, when the next Qtum block is found, the transaction will be confirmed on blockchain.

When the transaction finishes, the "Swap" button turns purple again. We have now completed our first Swap on QiSwap!